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2016 SASMA Professional Members Conference

SA Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) is pleased to announce the 2016 SASMA Members Conference will be held on Sunday 22nd May at the Adelaide Oval.

'The Trainer' - March 2016

The Trainer - March 2016

3 Courses, 75 Attendees, all in a days work for SASMA......

3 courses, 75 attendees, 2 AFL Head trainers, 3 Sports Physiotherapists, 1 Sports Doctor, 1 Paramedic, 2 Head Trainers and a Nurse - all in a day's work for the SASMA team!

Upcoming Sports Trainer Education Sessions

As a SASMA Sports Trainer we are excited to give you access to a series of exclusive low cost education opportunities. Sports Trainer education series are designed to be hands on and will focus on game day assessment and management of injuries.
2016 FAST Conference - Wrap up!

2016 FAST Conference - Wrap up!

The 2016 SASMA FAST Conference is over for another year and what an amazing, successful day it was!