Concussion Management

Concussion Management Workshops

Concussion and its management is one of the most discussed topics in the field of sports medicine. SASMA in conjunction with Sports Physicians and Sports Doctors have designed a 1 hour presentation that aims to deliver the most up to date knowledge and tips for managing athletes with concussion, from the moment of the incident until their return to training and play.

Presented by a qualified Sports Doctor, this workshop gives community sports clubs and associations the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the appropriate management strategies that can be adopted to reduce the impact concussion can have on athletes under their care.

A whole club/school approach to managing concussion is important for the health and well-being of your athletes and/or students. This workshop is ideal for:

  • Players
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • Club Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Sports Trainers and other first aid/medical personnel
These workshops can be held at your facility.

For more information please contact SASMA on 08 8234 6369 or


Concussion Forums

forums has been designed by leading Medical Personnel to provide everyone involved in all sports (Club and Association Committee Members, Coaches, Parents,Teachers, Athletes and First Aiders) with up to date information about concussion.

Forums will be presented by an experienced Sports Doctor/Sports Physician who is seeing and managing sporting concussions regularly and will cover:

  • Concussion: Recognising and Game Day Management?
  • The long term consequences of mismanagement
  • When can a player return to school, work, training and playing?
  • Implementing a policy: Is your Club Concussion Policy up to date?
  • Risk Management: The responsibilities of the club, coach, first aid team and player when it comes to concussion

Concussion Resources

For up to date Concussion Resources for Clubs, Associations, General Practitioners and Sport click here