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Online Theory Component a hit with Level 1 Sports Trainers Courses

SMA-SA has sold out it's fifth Level 1 Sports Trainers Course in the space of less than 2 months this week. These have included three Metro and two Regional Courses. Over 150 Sports Trainers will attend those five courses alone with another 60 people attend three other courses held in regional locations and another 30 attending a sold out course aimed at University Students during this same period of time.

The question is why has this happened when in previous years some of these same courses have struggled to reach minimum numbers?

In October 2014, SMA-SA trialled an Online Theory Component for the Level 1 Sports Trainers Course to allow participants to complete the theory component and assessment of the course at home in their own time and at their own pace prior to attending. This trial was successful and the course was rolled out for all Level 1 Courses in 2015.

The feedback from the participants and the clubs has been a resounding yes in favour of this continuing. Instead of attending 2 days over a weekend people now only have to attend one.

Many who have attended in 2015 have stated if it was a 2 day course they would not have considered registering as they do not have the time to give up two days to attend a course like this. Many are volunteers at their clubs and would potentially have to give up 2 days at their normal job or off of the farm to attend.

SMA-SA has been surprised by the uptake of the course, in particularly regionally. We had 31 participants at both the Port Augusta and Rudall courses and an upcoming course on Kangaroo Island has another 24 registrants.

SMA-SA will continue to develop the online component with partners Human Kinetics to ensure that moving forwards we continue to provide extremely high quality training for all sports here in South Australia.

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