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SASMA meeting with Minister Katrine Hildyard

SASMA meeting with Minister Katrine Hildyard

SASMA CEO, Danielle Grant-Cross and SASMA President, Dr Luke Mooney, recently met with Minster Katrine Hildyard following a request from the Ministers office to provide an update on our recent Concussion grant.  

This was a great opportunity to showcase all things SASMA and we also discussed the proposed the SASMA Safety in Sport Framework, where we can assist clubs in preparing for a safe season ahead with concussion policies, education workshops, confirmed sports trainer/sideline support etc.

The Minister was very interested in the Community Concussion program steering committee supported by our members and the Sideline Help Course we coordinate for the community to support a safe sporting and active environment.

We discussed the role of Sports Trainers and other support on the sideline and how crucial this is to managing concussion and other sporting injuries.

The Minster made the following comments on the meeting, via her social media channels. 

"On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting with Danielle Grant-Cross and Dr Luke Mooney from SA Sports Medicine Association to have a very important about conversation about concussion and what we can do to build awareness and capacity to respond and improve safety.

SASMA has been funded by the State Government and will work with SA Recreation and Sport to ensure sport/clubs have a process for assessment, treatment and follow up of head injuries.

Concussion education is critical and we have a plan to help reduce the impact of head injury in sports participants. It’s so important to be aware of just how dangerous head injuries can be.

Amongst a range of courses, SASMA run an excellent Sideline Help course for community level sport:"

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