2019 FAST and Award Registrations


Early Bird Amount (Inc. Tax)
Member Combined Ticket (FAST and Awards) $150.00
Member Fast Conference $114.99

Non-Member Combined Ticket (FAST and Awards) $180.00
Non-Member Fast Conference $140.00

Full Price
SASMA Member Combined (FAST and Awards) $167.00
SASMA Member Awards Night $66.00
SASMA Member FAST $132.00

SASMA Non-Member Combined (FAST and Awards) $205.00
SASMA Non-Member Awards Night $66.00
SASMA Non-Member FAST $170.01
FAST Registration & Re-accreditation  $170.00
FAST and Awards Registration and Re-accreditation   205.00
*SASMA Members are Accredited Sports Trainers and Medical Professionals

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